Nissan’s Hyper Punk Concept Is A Two-Door Crossover For Online Influencers

Nissan is pretty much ready for this year’s Japan Mobility Show after it unveiled the fourth and final electric vehicle concept slated for the Tokyo-bound auto show that starts at the end of the month.

Dubbed Hyper Punk, the edgy two-door crossover follows in the footsteps of the Hyper Urban, Hyper Adventure, and Hyper Tourer, and was designed specifically for content creators, influencers, artists, and “those who embrace style and innovation,” Nissan says.

It rides on 23-inch wheels with light-up triangles, and the body is covered in polygon-like shapes because that’s apparently what people who make a living from their Instagram or YouTube accounts want.

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Inside, the Hyper Punk has origami-styled elements that mirror Japanese taste and “create an interior space where digital and art are fused together,” according to the Nippon carmaker. Furthermore, onboard cameras can apparently capture the surrounding scenery, and, using artificial intelligence (AI), the car can convert those images into manga-style scenery or graphic patterns – whatever the driver wants.

The tweaked imagery can also be projected onto the three-screen display that faces the driver, fusing reality and the metaverse, Nissan says.

Being a content creator’s ride, the electric concept is connected to the internet and can act as an interface between the driver’s and passengers’ devices and their equipment, allowing them to create stuff on the go. With the help of AI and a set of biosensors, the car can detect the driver’s mood and automatically select the right music and interior lighting setup to make the ambiance a bit more creative.

Vehicle-to-everything (V2X) is also present, allowing users to export power from the high-voltage battery of unknown capacity to just about anything: smartphones, laptops, and whatever the modern equivalent of LAN parties is.

The Hyper Punk concept, alongside Nissan’s three previous electric show cars, will simultaneously head into the digital world of the Fortnite mobile game and under the Japan Mobility Show’s spotlights on October 25.

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