New Momentum Cito E+ Is A Versatile Throttle-Equipped Urban E-Bike

Electric bicycles are rapidly reshaping the landscape of urban mobility, and compact commuters and cargo bikes are leading the charge when it comes to tackling the urban jungle. We’ve seen electric commuter bikes take all shapes and sizes – from compact folding bikes that can fit in the back of a small car, to heavy-duty cargo-haulers that can pretty much replace a car for daily commutes.

The new Cito E+ from Momentum seeks to strike a balance between the two, boasting an ultra-customizable configuration and compact dimensions that make it both an excellent urban mobility device and cargo hauler. In case you weren’t familiar with Momentum, they’re a sub-brand of one of the biggest bike brands in the world, Giant, dedicated solely to producing affordable and accessible electric bicycles.

Now, the Cito E+ marks a first for Momentum bikes, not just because of its versatility and customizability, but also because it’s their first bike to be fitted with a built-in thumb throttle. This unlocks some extra utility, appealing to a wider range of riders. Thanks to the built-in throttle, riders technically have three ways to ride the bike. The first being on full muscle power alone, the second being with pedal assist, and the third being solely on throttle operation. On top of that, having a throttle makes the bike accessible to riders who may otherwise not be able to pedal for longer distances if at all. ‘

On the performance side of the story, the Cito E+ is powered by a rear hub motor with a nominal output of 750 watts, the legal limit for electric bicycles in the US market. This gives it a Class 2 speed of 20 miles per hour, but it can be unlocked to 28 miles per hour. Meanwhile, a large 780-watt-hour battery pack supplies power to the electric motor, and should be good for a couple days’ worth of commuting around the city. Of course, actual range will depend heavily on the type of riding you do, and how greedy you are with the throttle. Nevertheless, Momentum claims a max range of 75 miles on a single charge.

Moving on to the bike’s versatility, the Cito E+ can be configured in a nearly endless amount of ways thanks to the brand’s selection of luggage accessories. On top of that, you can even fit an add-on top tube that doubles as a glovebox. It’s worth noting, however, that fitting the top tube will take away the frame’s step-through capabilities. That said, the bike has a very impressive 408-pound payload capacity, meaning you can even go as far as hauling around a passenger via the optional passenger seat and rear child seats.

As for standard components, it’s clear that Momentum has opted for more affordable parts to keep the bike’s price point fairly accessible. The bike gets a MicroShift Acolyte eight-speed drivetrain with derailleur gears, and comes to a stop with a set of hydraulic disc brakes. All this kit will come at a fairly reasonable price of $3,200 USD.

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