New Audi S5 Sportback Caught Looking Pretty Under Camo At Gas Station

Spies have caught two upcoming Volkswagen Group cars during testing in Germany, the next-generation Audi S5 Sportback and the VW Golf facelift.

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2025 Audi S5 Sportback Seen Refueling Before Test Run At The Nordschleife

Audi is certainly taking its sweet time with its next-generation midsize cars because it feels like the new A4/A5 has been undergoing testing for years. A new spy video shot at and around the Nรผrburgring puts the spotlight on prototypes of the hotter S5 in Sportback guise. It appears to have all the production body panels in place, along with the final lights. Despite the full disguise, we’re getting the feeling this will be an attractive car.

You likely won’t be able to choose between an S4 Sedan or an S5 Sportback anymore because the former is expected to get the proverbial axe. Rumor has it Audi won’t do another traditional sedan, meaning you’ll have to get the more practical hatchback/liftback body style. In fact, there isn’t going to be an A4 at all since the alphanumeric designation will be reserved for a future EV. Consequently, today’s wagon will become the A5 Avant, and by extension, there are going to be S5 Avant and RS5 Avant models. Sounds weird, right?

Volkswagen Golf Wagon Facelift Spied Barely Hiding Anything

2024 Volkswagen Golf Variant facelift spy photos

VW is putting the finishing touches on a mid-cycle update for the Golf, and our own spies just caught the not-for-America wagon testing in Germany. The compact car with a long roof had minimal camouflage. Riding on steelies with glorious hubcaps, the prototype had a mild-hybrid gasoline engine judging by the eTSI badge. The mildly redesigned headlights are fully exposed, and they’re slightly slimmer than before.

There is body-colored camouflage on the front bumper but surely there aren’t any major changes underneath. At the rear, VW applied stickers on the taillights to conceal the updated LED signature. We can’t see it here, but the interior will get a revamped dashboard featuring a larger screen. Officials from Wolfsburg have admitted customers are not fans of capacitive touch controls, so hopefully, traditional buttons are coming back for the Mk8.5.

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