New Apple CarPlay plans to take over the car in 2024

Increased integration will allow Apple CarPlay users to control more in-car functions, such as heating and ventilation settings

Apple CarPlay should soon be taking over your entire dashboard, instead of just the infotainment screen, after the electronics giant confirmed plans to roll out the next generation of its in-car technology.

Up to now, CarPlay and its rival, Google’s Android Auto, have existed as software run independently of the vehicle, with very limited control over the car’s functions. This has often forced users to exit CarPlay temporarily to make adjustments to, for example, the radio station or the heating and ventilation.

The new version of CarPlay will offer much higher levels of integration, including a bespoke interface that extends beyond the central display to take over the digital instrument panel, and greater access to key car data like speed, efficiency or even tyre pressures.

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Apple has worked with Porsche and Aston Martin on the new version, and a preview image issued by the British luxury brand reveals that Apple CarPlay will be able to control temperatures and fan speeds – and introduce a bespoke instrument panel with unique dials. The Porsche image shows that Apple intends to make use of the extra real estate of the brand’s front-passenger display too, with diary elements from the user shown there.

Aston’s Global Chief Brand and Commercial Officer Marco Mattiacci said, “The integration of the latest state-of-the-art technology, combined with a bespoke intuitive interface, is paramount to creating the ultimate Aston Martin customer experience. We look forward to sharing more as we work together with Apple to bring the next generation of CarPlay to Aston Martins in 2024.”

That relatively vague target date is as much detail as we have so far on a schedule for the rollout – although the choice of Aston and Porsche as initial launch partners would suggest that the process is both involved and potentially expensive.

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