‘Millions of drivers’ set to be affected by major new driving law changes

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New driving law updates passed by MPs this week will have an impact on “millions of drivers”.

The major update to electric car charging rules will come as a massive boost to EV owners across the country.

The new guidelines are set to make it easier than ever to own an electrified model and helps deliver the first part of the Government’s new Plan for Drovers.

Under the new regulations, prices across chargepoints will be transparent and easy to compare.

A large proportion of new public charging stations will also have contactless payment data making it easier than ever for owners to top up.

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Prices will also be required to open up charging data so drivers can easily find available stations, check charging speeds and whether they are available to use

Drivers will also be able to access a free 24/7 helpline for any issues which arise while topping-up their vehicle.

Jesse Norman, Technology and Decarbonisation Minister said the move will help the UK reach its climate targets.

He commented: “Over time, these new regulations will improve EV charging for millions of drivers, helping them find the chargepoints they want, providing price transparency so that they can compare the cost of different charging options, and updating payment methods.

“They will make the switch to electric easier than ever for drivers, support the economy and help the UK reach its 2035 goals.”

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Alongside the changes, the Government continues to support the rollout of charging infrastructure across local areas.

Applications are still open for authorities looking to access a £381million Local EV infrastructure fund.

This is expected to deliver tens of thousands more chargers across the country to “transform” the availability for those without private plugs.

The new rules are introduced as the country reaches record levels of public charging infrastructure.

The number of bays has grown 42 percent year on year as demand for EV models continues to grow.

James Court, CEO of Electric Vehicle Association England said the updates would help address “consumer needs”.

He explained: “Better reliability, clearer pricing, easier payments, plus the potentially game-changing opportunities of open data are all a major step forward for EV drivers and should make the UK one of the best places to charge in the world.

“As the rollout of charging infrastructure gathers momentum, these regulations will ensure quality and help put consumers needs at the heart of this transition.”

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