Millions of Britons consider ditching their cars due to cost of living crisis

British motorists have considered selling their cars as the cost of living crisis continues to bite UK households.

New research from Motorpoint has predicted a whopping 2.5million road users have thought about ditching their vehicles as motoring costs rise.

The findings come after a new poll of 2,000 motorists weighed in on their biggest concerns about running vehicles.

A whopping 59 percent of those surveyed said it costs more to run a vehicle than before.

Meanwhile, 35 percent said they were worried about price rises while a fifth were struggling to cover their car running costs.

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Their poll revealed that 7.5 percent had considered giving up their cars altogether due to rising costs.

However, if the data was expanded to cover the whole nation this would then affect over two million road users.

Tim Rodie, Motorpoint’s resident driving expert, admitted it was “not surprising” many were weighing up the tough decision.

He said: “With over six million car owners finding it difficult to cover their vehicle’s running costs, it’s not surprising that some have considered getting rid of their car.

“While going car-free or reducing the number of vehicles at home might be a possibility for some, for many it isn’t a practical solution. Instead, I’d encourage all motorists to look at their car-related costs, because there are often ways you can reduce them.”

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The warning comes as the RAC revealed fuel costs had risen for the fourth successive month in a major blow for road users.

Unleaded fuel increased from £1.52 to £1.57 in September with the cost of filling up a family car now standing at over £86.

Diesel costs have also soared by 8p per litre with costs now standing at £1.63 compared to £1.54 per litre last month.

RAC fuel spokesman Simon Williams called out the fuel rises, admitting there was “little respite” for motorists and revealed things could even get worse.

He commented: “Drivers are sadly really starting to suffer again at the pumps with September seeing another 8p a litre added to the average price of diesel which comes hot on the tail of a similar increase in August.

“Petrol has also gone up 11p since the beginning of August so there’s little respite whichever fuel drivers use.

“Our analysis of RAC Fuel Watch wholesale and retail data shows that petrol is currently overpriced by around 7p a litre, although the price of diesel is likely to go up further still in the coming weeks.”

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