Mechanic finds nuts in customer’s car – and it’s worrying sign of big problem

An auto repair shop owner has shown how much vermin can damage vehicles if the problem goes unaddressed by using his customer’s car as a shocking example.

The TikTok video, uploaded by Concept 3 Performance, a Santa Fe Springs, California-based garage, has amassed over 310,000 views since its upload on Tuesday.

Concept 3 Performance’s (@concept3performance) TikTok clip starts with one of the repair shop’s employees asking William Chang, the garage’s owner, what’s wrong with the car he’s working on.

Chang replies: “I think this one is self-explanatory.”

Next, the video’s camera operator pans toward the vehicle’s open hood, revealing a massive amount of nuts hoarded within the engine bay.

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William also got down on his knees, looked under the vehicle, and said: “The undertray [aerodynamic aids reducing driving drag and lift] is covered in s**t.”

One of William’s employees quipped: “The squirrels were living lavish[ly] over here.”

He also joked about how the squirrel is “going to lose it” when they discover the disappearance of their food stash.

However, William clarified that the owner said he identified the animal culprit as a rat that jumped out of his engine bay after opening the hood.

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William claims the customer said: “That fu**er was eating good.”

The employee who initially guessed a squirrel was responsible also floated the possibility of a rat infiltrating a pre-established squirrel nest.

William nodded in agreement and said: “Or that.”

Viewers reacted to the customer’s vermin infestation in comments, with one TikTok account writing: “We live in the country; this happens all the time!

“Must always check the engine [bay].”

Another viewer commented: “Definitely rats. They love engine bay insulation and chewing wires [shown during the clip’s conclusion].”

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