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A year and a half after it gave its Eletre SUV its global debut, Lotus has unveiled its follow-up all-electric act in the form of the Emeya, with the sedan making its global premiere in an activation event in New York City earlier this evening (or morning, back home).

The Emeya, known until last week as the Type 133, is a four-door grand tourer the automaker is dubbing a hyper GT, much like how it termed the Eletre a hyper SUV. The company says that its new offering – which will go up against the likes of the Porsche Taycan and Audi e-tron GT – merges all the hallmarks of its rich heritage, combining the very latest in technology with sports car levels of performance.

Only part of the technical details about the car were revealed at the unveiling, with the company saying that further information on the Emeya, which will sit as the flagship model in the its line-up of luxury performance EVs, will come about sometime in the fourth quarter.

Much of the Emeya’s technical specs follows that seen on the Eletre. The blueprint includes a full-time all-wheel drive with twin motors and Lotus’ ICC intelligent torque distribution system. While not mentioned at the launch, it’s obvious that the variant configuration will mirror that seen on the Eletre, with a base version, S and range-topping R very likely to be in the equation.

In its highest output form, the Emeya’s dual-motor set-up will provide up to 905 hp (675 kW) and 985 Nm of twist. This is good enough to get this GT from standstill to 100 km/h in just 2.78 seconds, on the way to a top speed of 256 km/h. Base outputs weren’t provided, but should follow the 605 hp and 710 Nm seen on the base and S variants of the Eletre.

As for the battery, the Emeya packs a slightly smaller 102 kWh capacity unit (112 kWh on the Eletre), but Lotus says that range won’t be sacrificed, as it is expected to be broadly similar to that of the Eletre, which is good for up to 600 km of travel on a WLTP cycle.

The Emeya sits on Lotus’ Electric Premium Architecture (EPA), which is also used for the Eletre (and the upcoming Type 134), and as such features the same 800V architecture as that seen on the SUV, which allows it to be juiced up in rapid fashion. The automaker said that, connected to a 350 kW DC charger, its range can be extended by 150 km with just a five-minute charge, and an 18 minute charge gets the battery from a 10% to 80% state of charge.

The car’s weight wasn’t disclosed, but word is that it doesn’t veer very far from the Eletre, which tips the scales at just over 2,500 kg, with that for the R version of the SUV starting from 2,640 kg. Not really a surprise, given that it’s an EV and its size – if you think the Emeya looks longer than the Eletre from the images, it is.

It measures in at 5,139 mm long, making it 36 mm longer than the Eletre, no slouch at 5,103 mm. The Emeya is also wider, its 2,241 mm width (including the side-view cameras) making it 106 mm wider than the Eletre (2,135 m). The height hasn’t been revealed, but whatever the case, the car’s lower profile than the SUV cements its lengthier feel, especially viewed directly side on.

Design-wise, aside from the distinct dual-tier matrix LED headlight array as opposed to the Eletre’s single strip, the front end features aerodynamic elements seen on the SUV, albeit presented in rakier fashion. Elements include the active front grille that debuted on the Eletre.

Also present is an active air lip, which supports increasing downforce at high speeds, improving handling and stability. According to the automaker, this provides the car with a great front-end feel.

At the back, there’s an active rear diffuser – which smooths airflow under the car – and an active dual-layer rear spoiler. The latter is 280 mm wide, which is 100 mm wider than the Eletre’s unit, and offers a net downforce of more than 215 kg. Together with the active rear diffuser, it offers the car very stable handling at higher speeds.

Like the Eletre, the Emeya gets an electronically-controlled air suspension system, capable of reading the road ahead 1,000 times a second and automatically adjusts the vehicle to ensure the smoothest ride.

Inside, the cabin largely mirrors the presentation seen on the SUV, including the large central floating full HD OLED screen and KEF audio system, complete with Dolby Atmos-enabled 3D surround sound.

Aside from PVD aluminium, Alcantara, ultrafabrics PU and Nappa leather, the Emeya continues the recycling element in materials with the adoption of a new luxury thread that repurposes cotton scraps from the fashion and garment industries. Utilised for the cabin upholstery, the company says that the new fibre doesn’t just reduce the material carbon footprint, but offers weight savings as well, compared to leather.

Production of the Emeya is slated to begin next year, and Lotus added that details on market availability and pricing will be announced at a future date. Under current timelines, Malaysian customers eyeing the Emeya can expect the first orders to be fulfilled in late 2024.

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