Lexus LF-ZL: Meet The Lexus Flagship's Electric Future

When the original Lexus LS launched in 1989, it was an absolute game-changer. The overall quality, luxury and performance of that car basically reset the car industry’s expectations of what a flagship luxury car could be. So when Lexus uses that particular F-word, I tend to pay attention. Meet the Lexus LF-ZL, a preview of the next Lexus flagship to come – and this one’s electric. 

The LF-ZL is one of two electric concepts Lexus unveiled at the Japan Mobility Show today, the other being the LF-ZC Concept, which is headed to production in 2026. Of the two, we know a lot less about the LF-ZL (including what its name stands for) except that it “represents a future Lexus flagship luxury model, aiming to offer a prestigious ownership experience beyond just the car.” And at 5,100mm (208 inches) long, it’s even bigger than the current Lexus LX SUV. 

We do know that like the LF-ZC, it uses the new Arene OS software suite for OTA updates and advanced AI features. It also puts a premium on interior space – something engine-free cars have barely begun to explore – and quietness inside the cabin. 

Among other highlights, according to Lexus: combining data from maps and vehicle cameras with AI, to give drivers and passengers alike a greater degree of information about what’s going on outside the car. “When drivers point to objects or places of interest during their journey, the car’s display promptly delivers information along with voice guidance, enabling the car to enhance the connection between occupants and their surroundings,” Lexus said. 

Will we see more of this thing? Lexus said nothing about the LF-ZL going to production yet, and Simon Humphries, Head of Toyota and Lexus Global Design, told InsideEVs it’s just a concept. But Lexus is still tossing the “flagship” word around, so I doubt we’ve seen the last of the LF-ZL. 

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