Let This Lancia Stratos Replica Be Your Affordable Key To Rally Greatness

The Lancia Stratos is true legend in the automotive world. It continues to hold an iconic status, becoming one of the most coveted classics on the used car market today. Its distinctive design, rally heritage, and limited production have elevated it to the realm of automotive royalty. For those who can’t afford to spend six figures on a delicate Italian classic, there’s the Lister Bell STR, a meticulously crafted replica developed by LB Specialist Cars. There’s one for sale now in the US, and it’ll cost you significantly less than an original Stratos to buy.

This particular replica, titled as an “Assembled Vehicle” in Michigan, offers enthusiasts a chance to experience the allure of the Stratos without the rarity and price tag associated with the original. Street-legal and equipped with a five-speed manual transmission, it showcases an array of features that make it a compelling alternative. The 15-inch Compomotive coffin-spoke wheels, Gp4 round-arch fiberglass body, Gaz adjustable coilover suspension, front lamp pod, roof scoop, and Alcantara and leather upholstery contribute to an overall package that pays homage to the iconic original.

Gallery: 2017 Lister Bell STR Lancia Stratos Replica for sale

What sets this Lister Bell STR apart is not just its replication of the Stratos’s aesthetics, but the thoughtful enhancements that arguably make it even better than the original. Thanks to a custom space frame chassis with an integral roll cage, it offers greater rigidity compared to the original Stratos. Under the hood, there’s a more modern Alfa Romeo Busso V6 crate unit, a 3.0-liter 24-valve engine that was fitted to the car some 1,200 miles ago.

Inside the cabin, you’ll find modern extras, including a wireless parking camera, a Garmin navigation system, and Alcantara seats. There’s also air conditioning, but it’s currently broken. While there are a few imperfections, they’re part of the character that comes with a handcrafted replica such as this one.

Lancia Stratos is a masterpiece in its own right. We’d consider the STR a respectful tribute with modern improvements, rather than a full-blown replacement. The current price is $55,000, with about three days left until the end of the auction at Cars and Bids. Even if it sells for double that price, we’d still consider it a deal compared to a real Stratos, especially because it’s newer and likely quicker.

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