Kia EV3 Concept previews chunky new electric SUV

Kia’s latest concept car is an almost production-ready EV model

The all-electric EV-badged range of models from Kia is about to gain another member in the form of the Kia EV3 and here’s our best look yet thanks to a new concept car. 

Like the EV9 Concept and EV5 Concept, this EV3 Concept is close to production-ready and we can expect the compact SUV to hit the road in 2024. The EV3 Concept borrows plenty of the angular design themes also seen on the EV9 and EV5 and the interior takes on a radically minimalist approach. 

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No technical details have been announced for the EV3 but it should utilise Hyundai-Kia Group’s E-GMP platform already seen on the EV6. This should mean a choice between 58kWh and 77.4kWh battery sizes for a maximum range over 300 miles. A selection of single-motor and dual-motor four-wheel drive powertrains are also expected. 

In terms of looks, the EV3 Concept certainly abides by Kia’s current design language. A C-segment SUV, the car has dimensions close to those of a Kia Sportage but with a more squat, aggressive stance highlighted by those chunky wheel arches.  

To the front, the LED headlights are similar to the EV5’s, without the strip along the bonnet’s leading edge, and there’s no real grille to speak of. The lack of painted pillars gives the roof a floating effect and the roofline slopes down to the rear to create a sportier profile. Rear light strips that fall away to the side further accentuate the car’s width.

The interior borrows a lot from the EV9 Concept with an oval-shaped steering wheel, floating centre console, ambient lighting, a huge dual-screen sat on the dash and a fairly minimal layout to help promote the sense of space. Extra practicality comes in the form of a bench-type rear seat that can fold upward to store large items like ‘electric scooters and bicycles’ according to Kia. 

Kia will roll out AI technology to help improve the day-to-day running of the EV3. The firm says the technology will debut on the EV3 model and can help organise things like schedule management, route optimisation, travel planning, entertainment and emergency support. 

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