Jeep Wrangler To Go Electric And 'Range-Extended' Only From 2028

Jeep will step up its electrification game in North America in the next five years, and the Wrangler and Wagoneer (plus the Grand Wagoneer) are among the models slated to get the electric treatment, according to the tentative agreement between Stellantis and the United Auto Workers union, cited by our colleagues at

As per the talks, the current-generation JL Wrangler, which is available as a hybrid, will be built until 2028 at the group’s factory in Toledo, Ohio, with the 4xe (and presumably the gas-powered-only versions, too) slated for an update in 2025.

Then, when the JL is put to rest, the upcoming J70 Wrangler will go into production with a selection of two battery-based powertrains: one full-electric and another one that uses a combustion engine as a range-extender.

This goes hand in hand with a previous report that said the Wrangler would go all-electric in 2027. Although we don’t have concrete details, as Jeep kindly declined to comment on this, we expect the all-new electrified Wrangler to be revealed in 2027 and go on sale a year later.

A similar thing will happen with the bigger, more luxurious Wagoneer and Grand Wagoneer SUVs, which are also set to receive a mid-cycle refresh two years from now. A range-extended EV variant will also debut in 2025, while a full-on battery electric trim is set to debut two years later when the ICE lineup gets a second refresh.

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The Grand Cherokee is in for an electrified future, too. The current-gen two-row SUV will be retired in 2027, according to the source, when a new generation will come to market with a selection of battery and combustion powertrains. The three-row variant is set to be manufactured until 2028 when it will likely be axed and replaced with the new model.

Besides the better-known nameplates, Jeep is already selling the diminutive battery-powered Avenger in Europe and is planning on releasing the Recon EV soon.

Dodge fans will also get an electric kick in the form of a next-generation Durango that’s scheduled to enter production at Stellantis’ Detroit Assembly Complex in 2026 with the same powertrain selection as the upcoming Jeep Grand Cherokee, so battery and combustion.

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