‘I’ve owned this car for eight years and just found two hidden features’

A social media influencer has revealed an amazing feature that can increase the luggage capacity of his car.

The TikTok user @frank.rcsb regularly posts short videos about his modified 2020 Ford F-150 pickup truck, which he regularly uses for racing.

However, in one of his videos, he tells viewers about a hidden feature that he discovered in a Ford Escape, the American version of the Kuga SUV, that he has owned for years.

This is just one of the many hidden features drivers are discovering in their vehicles. A car expert has listed five amazing hidden features many people don’t know they have in their cars.

Frank explained: “So, I’m in my 2012 Ford Escape, it’s my winter beater as my wife just got a new Maverick and I park the truck when it snows now but watch this. We’ve had this thing for six years and I’ve just noticed this.

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“So, this is the centre console with the trays and whatever, but see this little indentation? Passenger side footwell, this little notch right here? How cool is that?”

In the video, Frank opened the lid of the storage compartment located in between the front seats and lifted out a small cubby.

He pointed to a V-shaped clip before revealing that it can be attached to the side of the centre console, resting over the passenger-side footwell.

In addition, a larger compartment can also be found, allowing drivers to safely store even more goods whilst they are on the move.

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After showing the viewers the hidden feature, Frank highlighted that the trays are particularly sturdy, allowing motorists to place heavy goods inside.

“You can have literally your centre console in the passenger footwell, and it doesn’t go anywhere. Like, it’s pretty sturdy for plastic.

“I’ve been a Ford guy for eight years and I dealt with these Escapes ever since, I did not know this was a thing!”

With over 5,500 likes, many viewers were also unaware of the trick, despite the popularity of the model it can be found in.

One driver commented: “I have a 2012 Ford Escape I’ve also had for six years and didn’t know this was a thing!! I always wondered what that notch was for.”

Another owner revealed the trick goes even further, stating: “But did you add it to the backside of the centre console as well? Now that’s my trash can with the smaller one in front of the passenger seat.”

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