‘I’ve been a mechanic 55 years – six hidden car drains you need to keep clear’

A mechanic with over 55 years of experience has highlighted five car drains you’ll want to keep clear within your vehicle to avoid rusted parts and damaged electronics. 

He, along with other online mechanics, shares his clever tips, including a bad startup habit during winter driving that is lowering your gas mileage and the durable wheels cost less than alloys. 

The seasoned technician, Scotty Kilmer, uploaded his advice in a YouTube video, beginning with a spotlight on two drains on the bottom side of a driver’s door.

Scotty (@scottykilmer) explains in his clip that the inside of your driver’s door will often collect some water during rain since the seal isn’t perfect. However, the two-door drains Scotty shows viewers ensure this water doesn’t build too high, possibly rusting parts, severing electrical connections, and making annoying sloshing sounds.

The mechanic displays himself pushing into the bottom-placed drains using a metal key with an upward motion, but any similar object that fits will help ensure debris isn’t blocking the holes.

Drain holes on a door’s bottom are typically on a vehicle’s front two doors vs. the rear pair. Next, Scotty highlights four separate drain holes in each corner of a vehicle’s sunroof.

He says: “Water can rust the steel [around the sunroof], it can ruin electronics [used to open your sunroof] — so make sure your drains are clear so the water doesn’t back up.”

In Scotty’s video’s comments, viewers shared their experience with car drainage holes.  One YouTube account wrote: “Last rainy season, I’m driving and literally listening to water sloshing around, and I’m like, “W*F!

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“I finally decided to remove the drain plugs, 2 at the bottom of each door. The amount of water and pieces of muck that drained out, I was amazed and relieved! 

“No more sloshing! And thankfully, I did not go to the dealer!”

Another viewer commented: “Scotty, each time I look at an old LandCruiser to buy, the moonroof and door drains are the third things I examine.”

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