‘I’m a motoring expert – this very simple electric car is better than a Tesla’

A popular automotive YouTuber has praised one of the latest EVs, stating that it is better than the popular Tesla Model Y.

Brian runs the YouTube channel Regular Car Reviews, which has nearly 880,000 subscribers, and regularly posts reviews of a variety of cars, both current and classic.

In a recent video, Brian tested the all-electric Volvo C40 Recharge crossover-coupe, stating that it drove much like a standard gas-powered car.

He explained: “See, Volvo removed all of the ‘ta-da!’ EV gimmicks, like making you shift into drive by completing two side quests from Mr House.

A Volvo C40 is just futuristic enough with minimal interior lines and a big screen, while remaining contemporary with a movable shifter that clicks through gears with the same familiar phoniness as [the arcade game] Hard Drivin’.”

Whilst Brian noted that the Volvo C40 does not come with some features that buyers may expect to find on an electric vehicle, such as different driving modes to adjust performance.

However, by removing these features, the car is incredibly simpler, making it easier for motorists to make the change from gas to electric.

Additionally, he praised the cars performance, producing 402 horsepower and reaching a top speed of 113mph.

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Later in the video, Brian noted that one of the major selling points of the electric Volvo is that it is simple has an appearance that differs from many other EVs.

He added: “This is better than all other EVs, particularly in build quality. This still has normal vents and instrument panels, it has the reassuring feel of notches and sturdy materials, it’s tech forward without being tech excessive.

“Basically, you don’t have to defend yourself in advance of being judged, and not just because anybody who judges you for driving electric isn’t even worth your time, but because there’s nothing really to judge here. That’s the magic of the Volvo C40.”

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However, whilst Brian heavily praised the crossover-coupe, he did state that many other models offered a better range.

He said: “Maybe the range isn’t ideal. Volvo claims a range of 249 miles but Ben [the owner] tells us he’s never once gotten over 230.

“My [Kia] Niro, if I’m not using the heater or air conditioning, can get 315. But, these cars are serving different clientele.”

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