I’m a mechanic – the cheapest and most efficient strategy to hide spare car keys

A mechanic has shared how to store a spare car key to avoid panicking the next time you lose or lock your main version inside your vehicle.

The auto technician, Chris Hagewood, noted that his strategy doesn’t involve a conventional method of using a magnetic key holder underneath cars. 

This mechanic at PowerBlockTV (@PowerNationTV) explained in his YouTube video that he doesn’t use magnetic key holders since they can quickly fly off if you hit something like a pothole hard enough.

The car expert’s alternative spare key storage method starts with him getting under an SUV.

Sedan drivers can access their vehicles’ undersides using a tire jack, and a couple of jack stands for additional support.

This mechanic’s video explains that you’ll want to find a conspicuous area under your car where you won’t drill into the floorboard or the vehicle’s gas or brake lines.

Next, he lists the necessary supplies for this quick do-it-yourself task:

  • Power drill

  • Short bolt

  • Wing nut

  • Lock washer

  • Spare car key

The following steps involving these parts include:

  1. Drilling a hole under your car outside of gas or brake lines

  2. Placing your key around the bolt

  3. Inserting your bolt and key combination in the hole’s top side

  4. Securing the top and bottom with a washer [top side] and a wingnut [bottom side]

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This clip highlighted his spare key storage solution as cheaper than a magnetic car key holder.

He added that you’ll get the last laugh when you install the spare key holder for your partner and find them coming home with a dirty shoulder, revealing what they’ve likely been doing. 

The technician’s tip is reserved for metal car keys, as newer, electronic key fobs will automatically unlock a nearby corresponding vehicle, leaving you vulnerable to thieves.

However, electronic car keys feature a spare metal key you can pull from the fob using a release tab, supplying an opportunity to store an extra physical key using the mechanic’s method.

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