‘I’m a mechanic – plugging this in will make your engine run better’

Scotty Kilmer, the popular social media mechanic, has advised drivers on a tip that can help to make engines run better.

The mechanic of 55 years regularly posts informative videos to his YouTube channel, giving advice to help drivers make the most of their cars and avoid mechanical trouble.

This includes five things you shoulder never do in an automatic car and a huge mistake that could leave you with a massive repair bill.

In one of his most popular videos, Scotty takes a look at a car with several warning lights on, stating that they can often be solved by plugging a scanning tool into the vehicle.

He explained: “We start with a simple thing; we plug the scan tool under the dash. In this case it just plugs right in here. Put the key in the on position, with the [warning] lights on but the engine not running.

And a huge mistake that could leave you with a massive repair bill /life-style/cars/1813450/scotty-kilmer-mechanic-puddle-damage

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“Then we let the scan tool do it’s thing, it takes a minute or so. And lo and behold, this baby’s got 14 different [fault] codes.”

In the video, Scotty tries to repair a Lexus SUV which has an engine warning light before it goes for an exhaust emission test.

By plugging the small device into the vehicle’s on-board diagnostic (OBD) port and turning on the ignition, it was able to discover several faults.

The scanner also revealed how fast the car was travelling when the faults were first registered, which helped Scotty to fix the vehicle.

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Scotty explained that, whilst a scanning tool is unlikely to completely solve the vehicle’s issues, it can highlight which parts need attention and if the problem has been fixed.

He added: “Let’s get the scan tool and see what it says. It’s doing its thing, and look at that there’s no codes at all, even though we didn’t work on the traction control system because the code didn’t come back.

“Because, as I said, in these things if you get a check engine light come on, that will often turn the ABS [anti-lock brakes] off, it’ll turn the traction control off, even though there’s nothing wrong with those systems, it’s a software thing.”

With nearly 10million views, many motorists were impressed at Scotty’s work in keeping the Lexus on the road.

One viewer commented: “I’m so glad I found your channel! You give honest advice that we need. Thank you, Scotty.”

Another wrote: “Scotty, thank you for all the great videos! You have pulled me out of so many binds and saved me a tonne of money and make me laugh all the time!”

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