‘I’m a mechanic – Petrol and diesel drivers can destroy car with simple error’

Leading mechanic Scotty Kilmer has warned petrol and diesel drivers could “destroy” vital car parts after making a simple error on their driveways.

The YouTube star urged road users to take extra precautions when washing their car at home.

He said motorists should never wash the inside of their vehicles and specifically the engine bay with a powerful pressure washer.

Kilmer warned the high-pressure water could damage electrical connectors and vital parts such as the alternator.

Instead, road users should leave the engine bay dirty as this makes no difference to the vehicle’s overall performance.

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Kilmer told his channel: “Today I’m trying to show you how pressure washers are great for cleaning your driveways but not so hot for cleaning your engine bay. Driveways are just concrete, you cannot hurt them.

“But under the hood of your car, there’s all kinds of electronics, computer-driven modules, you can ruin them with water

“Especially high-pressure water. It’ll get into electrical connections, it could destroy your alternator, it can get on your computer sensors.

“Then you’re going to have one heck of a time figuring out what’s wrong. See how dirty my engine is, it runs perfectly fine.”

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According to FindandFundMyCar, owners may be forced to pay a staggering £500 to repair internal engine water damage.

Carwow said motorists may be forced to cough up “thousands of pounds” if water had damaged the engine or the electrical system.

Motoring experts at Halfords revealed drivers can clean their engine bats but should take extra precautions

Halfords explained: “After you’ve cleaned the surrounding areas, it’s time to move onto the engine itself. Use your cleaning wipes to remove any oil or grease.

“Again, you may need to use the toothbrush or pipe cleaners to get into any tight areas. Use a microfibre cloth to dry everything off. Do not use a hose pipe on the engine as this could cause damage.”

Kilmer reassured motorists they could salvage the engine after spraying it with water as long as they acted quickly.

He added: “What you want to do is get yourself a hair dryer, unclip all the electrical connections, dry them with a hairdryer and if you have a really old car that has spark plug wires on it, take them off and air dry all of them.

“Often the problem will go away if you get to where the moisture is.”

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