‘I’m a mechanic – my two ‘price-friendly’ suggestions for car diagnostic tools’

An auto technician with 27 years of experience has revealed TopDon’s Phoenix Lite 2 scanner and Phoenix4 channel scope as diagnostic tools that are cost-effective without sacrificing quality.

Scanners retrieve diagnostic trouble codes, while scopes primarily analyze electrical signals within a vehicle.

Buying these two tools to examine your car’s troubles can easily cost upwards of $10,000 — but this TikTok mechanic, Sherwood of Royalty Auto Service, suggested the two TopDon-branded items since they cost $1,300 when using his clip’s discount codes shown via overlay text.

Sherwood’s TikTok clip, filmed at his Georgia-based garage (@royaltyautoservice), starts with him demonstrating the scanner and scope within his Lexus sedan.

He mentions the scope as having four channels instead of two, allowing users to run all test types within their vehicle vs. dealing with a limited diagnostic range.

Next, he highlights how he believes the touch scanner’s interface is user-friendly with its ability to adjust time frame rates and voltage scales using a few simple finger drags.

After running some tests, Sherwood used his 27 years of auto industry experience to note that the scanner’s readings of his Lexus were accurate.

He added that the most significant differences between this professional-level scanner and a cheaper version are data processing speed and a higher-resolution display.

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Drivers may choose to purchase a scanner and scope to save money on diagnostic fees that a mechanic would normally charge.

The information these tools provide is additionally immediately available, allowing you to skip the wait as technicians work on other vehicles.

Lastly, a driver can use a scanner and scope to verify a mechanic’s findings after diagnosis.

He has previously advised his followers of three cars to steer clear of, ordering a tune-up and why a remote start might not be working.

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