‘I’m a car mechanic – one tyre method can double your fuel economy’

An experienced car mechanic has warned drivers to stop committing three common errors that will lower their petrol mileage twofold.

According to the auto influencer Scotty Kilmer, who has more than 55 years of experience under his belt, drivers ought to look after their tyre pressure and air filter if they want to save money on petrol.

The renowned car mechanic recently discussed several ways drivers could double their fuel economy in a clip posted to his YouTube channel, where he boasts nearly six million followers.

“If you want better gas mileage don’t use scam gadgets, but use the tips I just showed you,” Kilmer declared in the clip. “Today I’m going to show you how to get better gas mileage in your car and it’s not by using scam devices – don’t be fooled.”

Kilmer warned that the market is rife with devices promising to extend gas mileage, which he claims are a total scam.

Fortunately, there are simpler and more efficient ways to save on gas mileage which will be infinitely more beneficial to vehicles in the long run.

Among the “real things” you can do to improve gas mileage is keep tabs on your tyre pressure, explained Kilmer.

He continued: “Make sure your tyre pressure is right, if it’s wrong, [your] tyre will have too much friction, [resulting in] worse gas mileage.”

A second and equally important factor is maintaining your air filter, which should be cleaned regularly to encourage enough air to travel into the engine.

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“Don’t have a dirty air filter,” explained Kilmer. “Your car burns thousands of cubic feet of air, you can’t stop that flow.”

Additionally, drivers should pay attention to using their vehicle at a moderate speed, with Kilner noting: “The faster your engine spins, the more fuel it’s is using up.”

Last but not least, drivers are encouraged to pay attention to how cluttered their vehicle is, as uncluttered spaces are best for lowering fuel mileage. 

“The less weight you carry the better the gas mileage, so if you want better gas mileage  don’t use [… scam gadgets],” added the mechanic. 

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