‘I’m a car expert – use my cleve method to repel rain water from windows’

A car expert has revealed how one laundry product can repel rain from your vehicle’s glass when mixed with water and sprayed on windows and windshields.

This driving hack’s liquid formula forms a protective barrier on glass surfaces, increasing visibility and safety behind the wheel during events like significant storms.

AutoDoc’s (@autodocuk) YouTube video tutorial lists this do-it-yourself (DIY) trick’s first step as grabbing a bottle of fabric softener, a spray bottle, and water.

Next, pour 50 ml of fabric softener or around one cap and 250 to 300 ml of water into your spray bottle.

Mix these two ingredients by shaking the bottle before spraying its formula onto your car’s glass surfaces.

Lastly, let the spray soak for a few minutes before rubbing off its excess with a dry cloth like a microfiber towel. 

This DIY hack is ideal when you’re in a pinch and don’t have a product like Rain-X on hand.

However, its effect is short-lasting, so you must re-apply the formula after car washes or storm driving.

Drivers also place a protective film over their vehicle’s windows and windshield to prevent pesky fogging using a particular food item.

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Callum Butler at ALA Insurance says cucumbers are a natural fog deterrent for car windshields. 

Butler noted: “Cucumber contains natural oils which create a hydrophobic surface when rubbed on glass or mirrors.

“The water-repellent properties of cucumber help to stop your windshield from condensing and forming a fog,” ALA Insurance reports.

Butler added: “Essentially, it’s like giving your windshield a protective film that discourages condensation during the colder months.”

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