‘I’m a car expert – my bag method stops frozen windshield and mirrors’

A car expert has explained how you can skip de-icing your vehicle’s windshield and side mirrors during mornings this winter.

The gearhead unveils supplies for his straightforward hack in a YouTube video, which includes two Ziplocs and a couple of trash bags.

First, Chris (@ChrisFix) highlights in his video how you won’t be able to de-ice frozen car side mirrors with an ice-scraping tool, given that you can easily scratch the lenses.

Instead, Chris clarifies that drivers can cover each side mirror in a Ziploc bag before closing each bag as tightly as possible.

Newer cars often have a side view mirror heating; however, Chris’ hack will help you avoid waiting extra minutes in your driveway for the lenses to clear up.

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Next, Chris moves to his vehicle’s windshield and instructs viewers to begin his second hack by placing their windshield wipers upright and outward so they don’t freeze to the glass. 

This car enthusiast says he prefers placing a canvas cover over his windshield to stop ice from forming, but he also understands why someone wouldn’t want to go out of their way to purchase this item.

His alternative to the canvas cover is placing a couple of trash bags on his vehicle’s windshield.

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Chris states: “The trick is to make sure they [trashbags] lay flat against the glass so they cling tightly to it [the windshield].”

Lastly, the car enthusiast explains that you can secure your windshield’s trash bags on a particularly windy day by placing your wipers over the bags’ bottoms and securing the top with painter’s tape.

Chris clarifies that painter’s tape won’t damage your vehicle’s exterior paint.

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