‘I’m a car expert – many drivers don’t realise they abuse their electric cars’

As more motorists swap their petrol car for an electric model, an automotive expert has told drivers of a way that they can avoid costly repair bills.

Bladed Angel regularly posts videos to his YouTube channel, giving viewers advice on how to improve their driving skills and talking about some of the latest models.

In his most recent video, Bladed Angel notes that many people believe that electric vehicles never require maintenance.

He explained: “While it’s true that electric vehicles generally tend to have less maintenance than an internal combustion engine, that does not mean they are maintenance free, and truth be told nothing in the world is maintenance free.

“Sure, they [owners] might be able to get away with ignoring everything maintenance-related for a few years, but heaven forbid they sell the vehicle and have the second owner inherit all of the stupid problems that they had forgotten to deal with.”

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Many motorists believe that electric vehicles do not need maintenance as the powertrain that drives them has far fewer components than a petrol-powered engine, meaning there is less to wear out.

Additionally, removing the engine also means that electric vehicles use no oil, helping to cut down on motoring costs.

Nevertheless, electric vehicles still require coolant to be added and regularly checked as the lithium-ion batteries they use can generate more heat than a petrol engine.

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In the video, Bladed Angel added that drivers should regularly inspect all components of their vehicles to avoid breakdowns and the potential of accidents.

He added: “Common consumer ideology of wanting to be as lazy and appliance-like as possible with cars has caused a lot of people to unfortunately abuse their electric cars, sometimes even due to stupid misunderstandings.

“Just because the motor is no longer an internal combustion engine, that doesn’t mean the rest of the literal car is no longer not a car, it still has tyres that need replacing, you still have to check your tyre pressures, you’ve still got to do brake maintenance.”

In addition to the powertrain, electric vehicles still require owners to change their brake pads in order to avoid increased stopping distances.

Other items that can wear out or diminish over time, such as tyres, wiper blades and brake fluid should also be checked either weekly or before any long journey.

According to many experts, if a driver makes these checks and maintains their vehicle regularly, servicing should still be cheaper than a petrol car.

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