‘I work on cars – my customer’s DIY repair led to his wheel falling off’

A Southern California car garage owner has shown why ignoring certain red flags with your vehicle can spell trouble.

The technician, William Chang, was filmed and uploaded to TikTok fixing his customer’s car after a wheel had fallen off by replacing its hub assembly.

Another employee at the garage went on camera to share what he heard from this customer.

The mechanic said the customer told him: “I was hearing something — so I just raised the radio up.

This technician added that the client described smelling metal while — a byproduct of issues like clutch or brake failure.

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Eventually, the customer’s wheel fell off on the road, leading him to Chang’s Santa Fe Springs, California-based garage.

While studying the wheel hub’s broken assembly, Chang said, “This is my first time I’ve ever seen this.

“The [hub’s] stud fell off, and as it was spinning, it hit the bolt and damaged them.”

Chang proceeded to highlight a separate bolt that got bent.

Removing these defective parts allowed Chang to reconfigure the wheel hub’s assembly to specification.

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Lastly, Chang had his TikTok’s camera operator film a DIY repair attempt that raised more questions than answers.

The camera zoomed in to show that the car’s owner used a USB charging cord to hold his front bumper on.

One viewer commented on Chang’s TikTok: “The d**n USB holding the front together,” followed by a crying laughing emoji face.

Another TikTok account wrote: “I want my next relationship to be as strong as that USB.”

A third viewer chimed in, saying: “With my little knowledge of car parts, the whole video I’m thinking “I don’t think it’s [the customer’s vehicle] that’s supposed to look like that.”

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