‘I used ChatGPT to get out of a parking ticket – people are furious’

As more experts debate the uses and morality of artificial intelligence, a Reddit-user has found a unique way to use one of the most popular systems.

Posting to the r/ChatGPT subreddit, the social media user @Unfair_Bug4739 wrote that they had recently received a parking fine.

However, not willing to shell out the money, @Unfair_Bug4739 used the artificial intelligence software to create an excuse to use in an appeal.

They explained: “A few days ago I received a parking ticket for a violation that I admittedly committed. However, I decided to appeal the fine, hoping for a stroke of luck of a sympathetic ear.

“I asked ChatGPT to write an appeal for me, knowing I had no excuse to give. I thought the appeal it came up with was pretty interesting, it came up with the lie that I was involved in a personal emergency, and it was all no prompts from me.”

The letter, written by artificial intelligence, explained that the motorist broke parking rules due to an emergency in their personal life.

The article read: “While I understand the importance of adhering to parking regulations for the smooth functioning of traffic and public safety, I am compelled to bring certain factors to your attention regarding the circumstances surrounding the offense in question.

“Firstly, I must acknowledge that I inadvertently violated the parking regulations in place. However, upon careful reflection and personal circumstances, I respectfully request your understanding and leniency in this matter. I assure you that the incident was unintentional, and I am genuinely committed to abiding by the rules and regulations moving forward.”

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Despite giving the artificial intelligence software very little information to work with, ChatGPT gave the Reddit user a nine-paragraph letter.

To the surprise of @Unfair_Bug4739, the parking company responded to the letter, letting the motorist off for the motoring offence.

They replied: “Having considered the content of your letter and our internal review, as this is your first Parking Charge Notice appeal, we are prepared to cancel the notice.”

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With over 2,700 upvotes, the Reddit post caused some division from other users of artificial intelligence software.

One user commented: “This is dumb, a lot of councils of government entities downgrade from fines to warnings for people who appeal and don’t have a decent record. Simply ‘I appeal the fine because this is my first offence’ would have sufficed.”

Another added: “What got me is that it says, ‘I assure you that it was unintentional’, followed by ‘despite being aware of the restrictions.’. Ha! I’m like shook that this worked, but kudos.”

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