‘I dream of the day London is car-free’

A new study has found that a growing number of UK drivers think that London will be the world’s first car-free city.

The survey, conducted by the communications consultancy Cut the Bull, found that some members of the public believe the capital will ban cars from entering by 2050.

Dan Sodergren, a futurist, supports the idea that London should be car-less, thinking that it would benefit the environment and the health of residents.

He explained: “Like many, I dream of a future less dependent on automobiles. This societal shift promises not only to better our environment but also to redefine our urban spaces – think walkable pedestrian zones, extensive cycling paths, and an influx of green spaces to aid in the battle against climate change.

“While the road to this idyllic future might be challenging, the rewards promise to be bountiful. Armed with technology, we must resiliently undertake this transformative journey starting as soon as possible.”

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Instead of using cars, Cut the Bull states that the residents of London would use e-bikes and segways in addition to walking.

However, without large vehicles, they also predict that travelators will be installed, allowing people to effortlessly travel without the risk of congestion.

Others predict that the obsolete roads could be replaced with additional greenery to improve the look of London as well as street dining.

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However, whilst some envision a future without cars and the many frustrating points of owning one, others are against the idea.

When various boroughs in London introduced low-traffic neighbourhoods (LTNs), they were faced with significant backlash.

Following their introduction, various bollards blocking traffic were vandalised and graffitied, with one councillor in Hackney being sent death threats.

However, whilst the topic is divisive all over the world, some cities have already began work to ban cars from some areas.

In 2021, Heidelberg, Germany announced that aimed to replace the need for private cars with a fleet of hydrogen-powered buses and ‘superhighways’ for bicycles.

Ghent, Belgium has already initiated plans, with part of the city already car-free, apart from specially permitted vehicles and taxis.

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