‘I discovered an astounding reason behind a client’s broken fuel gauge’

This technician, William Chang, filmed the car’s issue in his Santa Fe Springs, California, shop, Concept 3 Performance. Chang said: “This is a very interesting ‘customer states.’

“Well, [the] customer states that he got into his truck one day and his fuel gauge says empty.” Chang noted in his TikTok that the customer originally thought he had a bad float — a device that communicates how much gas is in a tank. 

But Chang removed and performed a resistance test on the float, registering a .231 rating — a figure that represents around half a tank of gas. 

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The auto shop owner asked his customer how much gas he thought he still had in the truck. Chang knew the float wasn’t behind this fuel truck issue since his conversation with the customer confirmed his test.

Evidence of an animal’s presence was also in the vehicle, more specifically — a small squirrel. The customer can be heard off-screen saying he didn’t think the squirrel would do that much truck damage since he caught the unwelcome guest a day after finding it.

Chang went back on-screen to describe the squirrel’s damage: “Chased all the wires from the fuel sending unit, all the way to the side panels, up the kick panel, up to the side cluster — and then we led to the [instrument] cluster [where the fuel gauge sits].”

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This car garage boss was able to start his customer’s truck with an accurate fuel gauge reading after reconfiguring the damaged wires.

Viewers shared their responses to the mechanic’s finding in his TikTok’s comments. One TikTok user said: “These customer states series just keep getting better and better.”

Another viewer wrote: “This man has knowledge I wish I had.”Chang humbly replied to the comment: “I’m learning myself.”

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