‘I can’t wait to sell my EV…it’s a joke and I’m going back to petrol’

Test driving ‘UK’s slowest electric car’ the Citroen Ami

Ben Andrews is a British driver who has admitted he wanted to “do good” by buying an electric car but was selling the vehicle after driving it around for only one year.

In a TikTok video, Ben described his experience after responding to a clip of Ranvir Singh, a presenter on Good Morning Britain, who said that owning an electric can sometimes be a “total nightmare.”

Ben said he is selling his electric car as he said the battery life can drain quickly and he can also drive his car less than an hour before he needs to consider getting it charged again.

He said: “They say the range is like 250 miles but it isn’t. The second you go on a motorway it just disappears within seconds and if you turn the heater on it drains the battery”.

Ben added that he is “constantly” having to find somewhere to charge his car. He said: “Just today I’ve been driving around, I’ve went to five different charging spaces!”

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Ben filmed himself sitting at a charging station and explained that a lot of the time, charging stations were either broken or taken over for hours on end.

Ben said: “Some were broken, and they were all taken up. I’ve come to a large place now which has like five or six charging places, and every single one is full up with council vans charging electric cars for hours.”

He added: “It’s just impossible to get charged. So I’m going back to a petrol car next week. I wanted to help save the environment but it is just ridiculous.

“I literally can’t even go on a motorway. I can only drive sort of 30 to 40 minutes from my house before need to start thinking about charging again, and it takes like 45 minutes to do a charge. “

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Ben added that he believes electric cars are “not ready” in the UK and told drivers to not consider buying one due to the hassle.

In the comment section, some former electric car drivers sympathised with Ben’s experience.

One commentator wrote: “Totally agree! just gone back to a diesel, 70mpg, no charging!”

Another person said: “I rented an electric car in Switzerland on my holiday and it was a total disaster. Ruined my holiday.”

One user wrote: “I done exactly the same! You’ve held out longer than me though. I lasted about 10 months before giving ours back and going petrol again”

Ben replied to the user, and said: “I’ve been back to petrol for one month and already noticed the huge difference. no longer charging constantly and I can drive to places with no worry!”

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