Humiliated Jeep 4×4 driver had to be helped out of a manhole

A social media user has shared how a group of bystanders helped to resolve an embarrassing moment for a Jeep owner.

Filmed in New York City, the video shows the owner of a Jeep Wrangler 4×4 which features one wheel that is stuck down an open manhole.

Whilst it is unclear how the driver initially made his way into the manhole; they were seen getting out of the stranded car as residents of the city looked in awe.

Advising the owner to put the car into four-wheel-drive, a group of eight people decided the best option was to push the Jeep out of the hole.

Eventually, with a heave and a burst of acceleration from the driver, the car was freed from the manhole cover to rounds of applause from onlookers.

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Posting the video to X, @JoshuaPHill explained that the unexpected event helps to show the nicer side of people from New York.

He wrote: “Say whatever you want about New Yorkers, this is what we’re really like.”

It is currently unclear if @JoshuaPHill filmed the event himself or simply reposted it, however, it shows that even the residents of one of the world’s busiest cities can still find the time to help a driver in need.

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Known for it’s busy streets, it is generally believed that driving in New York City is a test of patience and skill for all motorists.

Many of the roads in the city are uneven due to repairs to pipes and other utilities found underneath and potholes.

During March 2023, about 250 motorists were involved in an accident throughout the city every day, despite average speeds often being slower than cycling or, on some occasions, walking.

With over 71,500 likes and nearly 8,000 retweets, many viewers showed their support to those that came to the owner’s rescue in the comment section.

One wrote: “Us New Yorkers aren’t nice, but we’re kind. Now that the Jeep is out, let’s keep it moving.”

Another joked: “I hope this never happens to me, I’m so afraid of driving over these things, even with the lids on.”

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