Hot weather could cause £2,400 damage to your car this week

UK Weather: Met Office forecast sunshine

Drivers have been warned hot weather could do over £2,000 worth of damage to a vehicle with UV rays set to cause havoc for vehicles.

According to experts at Leasing Options, paintwork is one area most at risk with owners set to lose £2,400 if they need a respray.

The warning comes as a mini-heatwave descends on the UK with highs of more than 30C expected over the next few days.

According to the specialist, UV rays can penetrate molecules in car paints causing it to become less reflective and duller to the human eye.

They stress vehicles not cared for properly are more at risk of getting damaged by the sun.

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This is because dirt on the bodywork can speed up the process of UV light penetration and therefore likely to lead to more damage.

Mike Thompson, Chief Operations Officer at Leasing Options has warned drivers may require a “number of repairs” by the end of the week.

To prevent issues, road users have been urged to park their cars in the shade and regularly wash their vehicles.

He said: “When it comes to car damage caused by the weather most motorists immediately think of damage caused by snow and ice. However, sun and heat can also be a threat to your car.

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“Motorists who fail to protect their car from the sun could risk needing a number of repairs for their car. Including a respray, new tyres and a battery replacement.

“To prevent this from happening motorists should ensure that in the summer months they are regularly washing and hand drying their cars, checking tyre pressure monthly and getting their car battery checked by a professional.”

According to the Met Office, temperatures in London will hit 28C on Monday and Tuesday, rising to 29C on Wednesday and Thursday.

However, highs of around 32C are possible in the south and the hot weather could beat the UK’s hottest temperature of the year.

However, it is not just the paintwork that is likely to get damaged if road users don’t take care.

According to the AA, vehicles are more susceptible to overheating in warmer conditions which could also lead to more costly repairs.

They said: “Cooling systems are under more strain in high temperatures, so issues are more likely to be exposed when it’s hot. It’s important to check the coolant regularly to avoid overheating.”

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