Grey import Tesla built-in eSIM now works in Malaysia –

It appears that Malaysia has been added to the list of countries where Tesla’s built in M2M eSIM works, as discovered by a parallel import Tesla owner today.

A lot of parallel import Teslas have had their eSIM changed to a Malaysian one by the importer but Tesla owner Englebert has been using his Premium Connectivity with a WiFi hotspot so far, so his car has had no direct access to the internet.

To his surprise, his car’s eSIM suddenly had LTE connectivity today, and he could use all his Premium Connectivity functions without being connected to his WiFi hotspot.

A quick check on what IP address the car was connecting from reveals an IP from a network called “KPN Tesla”. Tesla uses Dutch telco KPN to supply M2M eSIM for its European market cars. So what has probably happened is Malaysia has been added to the list of countries where roaming is enabled.

Teslas by default come with Standard Connectivity. Premium Connectivity is an add on that is priced differently in each market. It is USD9.99 a month in the US and ยฃ9.99 in the UK.

The screenshot above is from Tesla Malaysia’s Premium Connectivity page. We don’t know how much Premium Connectivity will cost in Malaysia yet, but all Tesla cars will be delivered with a 30 day trial of Premium Connectivity, after which it will revert to Standard.

Another interesting point to note is that Tesla UK’s Premium Connectivity comparison table includes Sentry mode, but it’s missing from the Tesla Malaysia page.

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