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When Tesla Malaysia first opened its order books for the Malaysian market, only the Tesla Model Y was available for order in RWD, LR AWD and Performance specs. There was no Model 3 available for order.

That changed last week when the order books for the new Tesla Model 3 ‘Highland’ facelift was opened in Malaysia, making our market one of the first in the world to get it, with deliveries of the first batch scheduled before the end of 2023.

Some who put in an order for the Model Y which is an SUV might actually have a preference for a sedan. Or perhaps they prefer the updated specifications that Tesla gave the Model 3 Highland, such as the revamped 17 speaker sound system. Perhaps they want the longer 629 km WLTP range that the Model 3 LR offers. Or whatever the reason might be, they might want to get the new Model 3 Highland instead of the Model Y.

The good news is Tesla Malaysia will allow this. Here’s how to change your Tesla Model Y order to a Tesla Model 3 Highland without burning your RM1,000 Model Y order fee.

First, you need to make a new Tesla Model 3 order, and pay the RM1,000 order fee for the Model 3. Then you need to perform the following to get your Model Y order fee refunded.

What you need to do is to send an email to [email protected] with your original Model Y order reference number and your new Model 3 reference number.

In order for your refund request to be considered, the following criteria must be met in full:โ€จ

  • You must have an active Model Y order placed before 1 September 2023.โ€จ
  • You must have placed a new Model 3 order.โ€จ
  • Both your Model Y and your new Model 3 orders are placed under the same Tesla Account, verified by the same email address.
  • Both orders must be placed for Malaysia.โ€จ
  • Your refund request must be sent by 15 September 2023 and will only be processed once.

For any enquiries, customers can contact Tesla Malaysia at 1800810655 or email [email protected]

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