Ferrari And Lamborghini Crash Into Camper In Sardinia With Tragic Consequences

Three vehicles touring the Italian island of Sardinia were involved in a collision during the late morning hours on October 2. Video above captures the moment it occurred, showing a motorhome flipping on its side with a Lamborghini skidding off the road. What you don’t see is a Ferrari spinning out of control beyond the motorhome, rolling over and catching fire. Tragically, two occupants in the Ferrari were trapped and lost their lives.

According to the Italian website L’Unione, the crash occurred near San Giovanni Suergiu on highway 195. The video shows several supercars passing the camera, crossing a solid line on the two-lane road with considerable traffic approaching from the opposite direction. A blue Lamborghini Huracan narrowly avoids an oncoming motorcycle as it joins a line of supercars following the camper van.

Only a few moments pass before a red Ferrari Portofino M comes into view, passing the camera and continuing in the opposite lane as supercars further up begin passing the motorhome. The driver of the aforementioned blue Huracan apparently didn’t see the Ferrari coming and moved out to pass just as it arrived. The supercars collide and then hit the motorhome, flipping it over.

L’Unione reports the occupants in the motorhome and Lamborghini escaped without injury. The victims in the Ferrari were identified as 67-year-old Markus Krautli and his wife, 63-year-old Melissa Krautli. At this point, there is no mention of potential criminal charges for the Lamborghini driver involved in the crash. Reports do say both cars are in the hands of authorities, and they obviously have the video which at this point has been widely shared on social media.

The supercar drivers were reportedly participating in a tour called the Sardinia Supercar Experience. A company called Colcorsa advertises a wide variety of supercar tours in various locations throughout Europe, including one in Sardinia with the same name. However, Colcorsa issued a statement explaining it was not involved with this particular event in any manner, nor had prior knowledge of it occurring.

We are deeply saddened to hear about the tragedy that occurred on Sardinia this week as part of an event referred to as โ€˜Sardinia Supercar Experienceโ€™. To prevent the spread of misinformation we would like to make an official statement in reference to these tragic events. Colcorsa has had no involvement whatsoever in this tour or related activity โ€“ we did not supply any rental cars for the event or participate in the organization in any way, or indeed have any prior knowledge of the event taking place.

As a result, we are unable to provide the media with any information regarding the accident, and we advise them to contact the organizers of the event direct. Our thoughts are with everyone affected by this tragedy and we are sending our heartfelt condolences to the family of the victims. Thank you for your understanding.

Stay safe out there everyone.

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