Expert urges drivers to ‘rub a potato on their windscreen’ in superpower tip

Drivers have been told they could benefit from rubbing a potato on their car windscreen as temperatures fall this winter. 

A piece of potato can act as a “superpower” home tool to prevent condensation and frost forming on the glass, according to specialists at LeaseCar.UK.

Potatoes contain starch which can act as a barrier between the glass windscreen and the air.

If used ahead of a big freeze, the vegetable will likely stop ice from sticking to the car, saving road users valuable time in the morning. 

Tim Alcock, spokesman for LeaseCar claimed a slice of potato was all drivers need to make use of the simple hassle-free hack.

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Speaking exclusively to, he said: “The starch and sugar inside a potato are superpowers when removing ice.

“Use a sliced potato and rub over the windscreen. The content of the potatoes stops water and ice adhering. Any starch marks from the potato can be easily cleaned with the car’s washer fluid and a few swipes from the windscreen.”

Potatoes are a kitchen staple in almost every household as they can be used in so many dishes. 

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A bag of white potatoes can be purchased from almost any high-street supermarket for just £1.

Car owners need to simply slice the potato into smaller pieces and rub the base of the vegetable against the glass. 

The Highway Code makes clear that motorists must not travel unless their windscreen is completely clear. Rule 229 of the Code states all snow and ice must be cleared from all windows before setting off.

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Earlier this year, experts at John Clark Motor Group also admitted road users could use the vegetable all year around. 

In another boost, they suggested the starch could also act as a barrier against heavy rain. The experts said: “Rubbing the cut side of half a potato against the outer surface can make a real difference to your windscreen.

“​​Not only can it stop your windscreen from freezing in the winter, but it can also be a huge help when driving in the rain. The starch in the potato acts as a barrier between the glass and the air and can help with that all too common issue of your windscreen fogging up, making it hard to see.”

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