EV owners should pay relatives when charging at their home, expert advises

The car insurance company Direct Line Motor Insurance has warned electric car owners planning to visit loved ones this Christmas to check that they will be able to charge their vehicle.

According to a study published by the company, 23 percent of electric car owners said that they were refused permission to charge up their EV by friends or family they were visiting.

Grant Harrold, former Royal Butler and leading etiquette expert encouraged those hosting Christmas day to be ready to lend a socket so that loved ones with an electric car are able to charge up.

He explained: “Christmas is about the season of goodwill and thinking of others and being around loved ones. In order to be together in the 21st century more and more cars are now electric.

“So, when preparing the Christmas treats, presents and meals, also be ready to offer your electricity to EV owners so they are able to visit you. After all, if Santa’s sleigh was EV due to the reindeer being on holiday, I am sure you would offer him some electricity to ensure he can visit you and others.”

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Grant also added that, ahead of the festive period, owners of electric vehicles should make sure they have plenty of charge.

By making sure that the battery is replenished, motorists will maximise their vehicle’s range and reduce the number of times they will need to stop and charge.

The etiquette expert also noted that EV drivers who will need to charge up their electric car at a loved one’s house should always ask in advance and, if possible, offer to pay something towards doing it.

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Lorraine Price, Head of Motor Insurance at Direct Line, also highlighted the importance of paying relatives who allow drivers to charge their electric car.

She advised: “Whilst most of us wouldn’t dream of asking our hosts to chip in towards fuel when visiting them, it is completely acceptable to ask if you can plug in to charge your EV.

“That being said, over a quarter of EV owners may find themselves running low on charge if refused access to charging points by loved ones. EV charging points at service stations are likely to be busy over the festive period so it’s important to plan ahead and to make sure that your hosts are happy for you to charge your vehicle at their homes.”

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Finally, the company noted that owners of electric cars planning to visit loved ones this Christmas should also make sure that they tidy the area in which they are charging their vehicle after use.

Grant noted that coiling up the charging cables will not only prevent trip hazards but make friends and family members more likely to let you charge at their home again in the future.

Finally, Direct Line advised owners not to brag about having an electric vehicle, noting that they may not be aware of the financial situations of others.

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