Drivers urged to use easy ‘heel hack’ to fix knee and leg pain

Car fans have been sharing their hacks. whether it’s pressing a certain button to cut fuel usage by 10 percent or a simple hack that increases your car’s fuel economy and saves you £200 a year. 

A masseuse has explained how one straightforward adjustment to your heel’s positioning while driving can help you avoid the leg pain he experienced before the transition. 

More specifically, this health expert, Spencer Harwood, notes that his previous driving style caused a lot of knee and hip issues. Spencer (@HMMHarwood) begins his YouTube video by showing viewers where he used to plant his heel on his driver’s seat floor.

He highlights that this heel position to the left of his brake pedal was causing him to awkwardly pivot his foot at a 45-degree angle to reach the accelerator. 

Spencer clarifies that this 45-degree position was overstretching the inside of his knee and made the outside portion shortened and very tight.

The professional masseuse says he solved this problem by moving his heel between the gas and brake pedals to establish a neutral position instead of over-committing to one side.

Spencer adds that his tip is crucial for drivers with long legs.

Several viewers shared their experiences with Spencer’s video topic in the YouTube clip’s comments.

One YouTube account commented: “I love how you shared your own story and show[ed] what you were doing wrong.

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“Before watching your video, I felt like I was the only dummy with knee pain from driving. Thanks”

Another viewer said: “Thanks! This is exactly what I need. I’ve been doing this to my left knee without realizing.”

A third YouTube account wrote: “That’s insane! I was having a lot of knee pain because of this 2 months ago.”

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