Drivers ‘must not press button’ when driving in rain as risk ‘will be increased’

It is important to prepare and take extra care when driving in heavy rain as the chances of an accident increase during periods of wet weather.

Luckily, there are certain buttons that can help drivers stay safe. Car expert and TikTok user @chequanxiaoqiao, who regularly shares clever car hacks on the social media platform, explained: “When driving on rainy days, 90 percent of people only turn on the wipers.”

However, rain and fog greatly affect central driving vision so motorists should always “turn on the front windscreen defogging function”.

The car expert urged drivers to do this “as soon as you get in the car” as “this will ensure a clear view when driving”.

However, she warned motorists: “Do not press this button… it’s the vehicle stabilisation system button.”

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This is because “once pressed, the risk of vehicle slipping and rollover will be greatly increased”.

Another car guru and TikTok user, @wens_commentary, agreed and explained on his channel: “We must not touch this button after the vehicle is started.

“It’s the vehicle stabilisation system and by default, it is enabled. There is a risk of the vehicle slipping and rolling out of control.”

The experts shared other recommendations: “Be sure to turn off the vehicle’s fog lights because the penetrating power of fog lights is particularly strong and it can prevent rear-end collisions.”

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Finally, when it rains water accumulates on the mirrors, and “many people think that their car doesn’t have a mirror heating function”.

However, the experts revealed that drivers should “just turn on the rear windscreen defogging function and the lens will automatically heat up”.

Before driving in heavy rain, RAC recommended:

  • Check that your windscreen wiper blades are fully functional
  • On an older vehicle, it might be advisable to upgrade to so-called ‘aero’ wipers, which are more effective at removing water from the windscreen, particularly at speed
  • Try to fill up with fuel before you travel, as getting stuck in traffic will increase your fuel consumption
  • Listen out for local news bulletins to keep up-to-date with road closures, flooding and forecasts
  • Carry a mobile phone in case you encounter any difficulties during your journey
  • Check that your tyres are of the recommended legal tyre tread depth so you can be sure you have a safe amount of grip on the roads

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