Drivers fuel consumption could rise ‘90 percent’ by travelling at this time

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Petrol and diesel car owners could see fuel consumption dramatically rise by travelling at rush hour.

According to Michelin, fuel use could soar by up to 90 percent while sitting in heavy traffic on motorways.

The motoring experts also claim drivers will also burn up around 0.8 litres of fuel per hour while idling.

Meanwhile, motoring specialists at Swansway Motor Group has also warned of the dangers associated with rush hour driving.

Revealing the best ways to save money on the roads, the car dealership pros quickly called on road users to completely avoid rush hour.

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Speaking on their YouTube channel, they said: “Now this is something everyone is not a fan of and neither is your car. It is where you are going to waste the most fuel.

“So instead try and set off half an hour earlier to beat the rush hour traffic or if you’re already stuck in it try and find an alternative route which will not only save fuel but also save on your journey time.

“The more the car idles, the more fuel it’s wasting. So if you know you’re going to be stuck in a long queue make sure to turn off your car to save fuel.”

He added: “Plan your journey accordingly, make sure you’ve got everything planned out like stop-overs, any alternative routes if you find some rush hour traffic as this will all help you save fuel, money and also reduce your carbon footprint.”

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CarGurus warned sitting idle in heavy traffic can “burn fuel for no gain” in a major blow for motorists.

IAMRoadSmart have warned motorists should always try and avoid getting behind the wheel during rush hour.

Stopping and starting regularly will require road users to keep moving down into first gear where revs are higher.

Likewise, the experts warn that a lot of fuel can be used to get the vehicle moving again from a standstill.

Meanwhile, the RAC said one of the key ways to save fuel was travelling at a “constant speed” and keeping momentum.

But, this is almost always impossible in heavy traffic even if motorists read the situation and slow down ahead of stopping.

WeBuyAnyCar says rush hour on UK roads is often between 7am and 10am in the morning and 4pm to 7pm in the evening.

Using the roads at any other stage of the day can also have other major advantages with road users likely to save a bunch of commuting time.

They commented: “If your shifts start and finish earlier than the typical 9-5, there’s a good chance you’ll waste less time sat in traffic.

“For example, if you work from 7am to 3pm, you could save an hour each week compared to those caught in the worst of the rush hour.

“A later shift could be even more advantageous. If you work from 11am-7pm, you could save 1.5 hours’ travel time each week.”

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