Drivers could save ‘hundreds of pounds a year’ with simple hack to dodge ULEZ

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Drivers may save “hundreds of pounds a year” with a simple hack to avoid paying expensive Ultra Low Emissions Zone (ULEZ) fees when travelling into Greater London.

Motorists can avoid paying the daily £12.50 charges by simply borrowing a friend’s ULEZ-compliant car and securing car insurance for just one day, according to experts at Veygo.

Specialists claim this could be a “lifeline for those within the zone” and a simple solution to avoid the heavy costs.

Commuters with non-compliant vehicles are set to pay over £3,000 a year to drive inside the charging zone after daily fees were introduced.

Those paying the charges every weekday would pay a whopping £62.50 per week or £250 per month.

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This would add up to a staggering £3,250 per year on top of £3,900 congestion charge fees.

Hybrid workers travelling into Greater London just one day a week will still pay around £650 extra per year due to the changes.

James Armstrong, CEO of Veygo said motorists would be “far better off” securing one day cover when they need to travel.

He explained: “Temporary insurance and borrowing a friend or family member’s ULEZ-compliant vehicle for a few hours a day, or few days a month, could be a lifeline for those within the zone with an older car, and could save these commuters hundreds of pounds a year.

“People living in the expanded zone and nearby towns are understandably concerned with these new, extra costs for travelling into and around London by car.

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“With these additional charges coming into effect and covering all of the Greater London boroughs, people are going to be forced to adapt their travel habits, with some being forced to give up driving altogether.

“Those who need to drive infrequently will be far better off getting one-day-cover and borrowing a mate’s car, rather than paying ULEZ charges or considering an expensive car upgrade.”

ULEZ charges were expanded to Outer London boroughs such as Harrow and Bromley from August 29. Motorists who fail to pay the daily charges will be slapped with a £180 fine from Transport for London (TfL).

However, this drops to just £90 if paid within 14 days of receiving the penalty charge notice.

The scheme has been highly controversial with protests still being held against the changes.

Locals have also taken matters into their own hands with many ripping down the new ULEZ cameras completely.

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