Drivers can warm their cars in under a minute with one button

As the nights draw in and the weather gets colder, a social media user has revealed a quick way to warm up the interior of a car.

The driving school Kruzee regularly posts informative videos to their TikTok page, helping viewers to stay comfortable and safe behind the wheel.

In one of their videos, a driving instructor from Kruzee advised viewers on a way to use the car’s heating and air conditioning system to increase the temperature in the fastest possible way.

He explained: “The fastest way to warm up your car. Turn on your ignition without starting the engine, and after five seconds start your car.

“Idle your vehicle for 30 seconds, no more, and after 30 seconds begin your drive and turn on your air. You should feel warm air by this point.”

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In the video, the instructor gets into their car and takes a few seconds before firing up the engine on his car, using the time to turn on the vehicle’s defroster, and then leaving it to run for 30 seconds before setting off.

Many automotive experts also suggest that motorists should always drive slower for the first 15 minutes of the journey to avoid putting stress on the engine.

However, they also advised that drivers should never run the engine of their vehicle in an enclosed space such as a garage.

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The driving instructor then added that the best way for motorists to get warm in a car is by making sure that air is flowing through the right vents.

He continued: “During your drive, point the warm air to your chest area, it will help your body warm up quickly.

“Once you’re warm, point the heat to your feel since heat rises. Stay toasty!”

Whilst some viewers were sceptical that the trick would work in the coldest climates, many viewers praised the instructor for the tip.

One driver wrote: “I only start to feel the warmth once I arrive after a two-hour trip.”

Another joked: “Why did I watch this thinking he’ll show us a magic trick.”

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