Drivers can start dead cars without paying for help using an ‘inertia button’

Drivers continued to be wowed by the discovery of buttons in their cars with unknown functions, such as this commonly overlooked car button hiding in plain sight makes night driving easier.

A mechanic with over 55 years of working experience has explained that many cars, especially models manufactured domestically, have a hidden kill switch that can stop your vehicle from running. 

The experienced technician, Scotty Kilmer, who recently recommended a set of durable wheels that “cost less than alloys”, explained why you can falsely trigger this feature and how to reset its configuration to resume driving.

One of this mechanic’s YouTube viewers wrote to the car wizard: “I was driving my car on a highway and hit a big bump, and it [the driver’s vehicle] stopped running.”

Scotty (@scottykilmer) replied to his fan in a video clip: “A lot of cars, especially American cars, have a safety device — and if you get into an accident and hit something hard, it [kill switch] turns the fuel pump off so it [your vehicle] won’t pump fuel, and if you get in a wreck and a fire starts, it just keeps pumping fuel on the fire [when the feature isn’t active].”

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The veteran technician asked viewers to check and see if their vehicle has one of these kill buttons, technically called inertia switches.

Scotty noted that many inertia switches are inside a vehicle’s trunk, and pressing the device’s top reset button disables the feature, allowing you to start your car again.

The Tennessee-based mechanic said cars that stop running may alternatively be experiencing more severe problems unrelated to an inertia switch, like wires that have shorted out. 

However, he added that he frequently sees people unable to start their vehicles due to these switches described in your vehicle’s owner manual.

Several viewers expressed thanks for Scotty’s explanation on the automatic safety feature.

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One YouTube account commented: “Very informative. I really like Scotty’s videos. 

“He does a very good job of explaining everything. I highly recommend watching his videos for people who do not know how to work on cars.

“Myself, I’m an A.S.E Master Certified Technician. Thank you, Scotty, for putting everything in layman’s terms.”

Another viewer wrote: “Fantastic useful info on this one. [I] had no idea there was a switch that u can just reset to make ur car start up after a bump.”

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