Drivers can defog car windscreen ‘twice as quick’ by flicking one switch

Car windscreens can be cleared of fog and mist “twice as quickly” this autumn and winter by flicking one switch located inside every vehicle, according to experts.

Drivers usually press their windscreen demister button or their air conditioning to peel any mist off their glass.

But, automotive retailer the Swansway Motor Group has stressed there is a basic alternative for those without the technology.

They insist simply rolling down your car windows will “reduce condensation” quickly in a simple hack.

Most window switches are located to the right of the driver next to the door handle making it easy to access before setting off.

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Speaking in a YouTube video, Sam, a spokesperson for the Swansway Motor Group suggested the tip may work better than traditional methods.

He said: “No air conditioning, well that’s not a problem. Some vehicles don’t come fitted with air conditioning or the feature is broken or disconnected. To remedy this simply roll down all of the windows within the car.

“This allows all of the cold and dry air to flood into the vehicle, helping to reduce the condensation and getting you on your way twice as quick.”

Motoring experts at Halfords have reiterated that leaving car windows down can clear a windscreen faster.

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They admit the amount of outside air can reduce water vapour inside the car which will prevent screens from misting up.

They added: “While your car is demisting, stand outside of it. Your breath is warm and wet which will not help the process. However, don’t leave the car unattended with the keys inside, as this is an opportunity for thieves to steal your car.”

The RAC said the technique could be a “worthwhile tactic” if a windscreen begins to steam up again while driving.

Meanwhile, specialists at ATS Euromaster commented: “This is especially useful if your heater isn’t very powerful, or you don’t have a climate control feature to demist your front windscreen.

“Having your windows open may make your vehicle cold, especially in winter, so once the condensation has cleared you can close them again.”

The warning comes as meteorologists warn of a possible “polar” front hitting the UK next week.

WXCharts show that temperatures could fall as low as -6 with the Met Office also weighing in.

They told that a period of “unsettled weather” with bouts of “wind and rain” could be on the horizon.

They added: “In between these spells, it is always possible for a calmer period where slightly cooler conditions can get a brief hold, bringing overnight frosts or lower-than-average temperatures.”

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