Drivers are losing hundreds in autumn by ignoring common problem

Autumn comes with all sorts of problems for drivers, and drivers are sharing their hacks to beat them, including rubbing a vegetable on car windows to stop them fogging up.

Others are suggesting simple DIY de-icing solutions using vinegar and gadgets that can heat the car without even turning the gas on.

But even falling leaves can damage your car, experts have warned. Autumn foliage is a pleasant sight for many, but a driving expert has warned why you’ll want to act fast if dried leaves are on your car’s exterior. 

Dry autumn leaves are typically coated in water, which adheres to your vehicle’s paint, triggering chemical contamination.

This adhesion comes from a leaf’s outer portion, which releases a waxy substance known as cuticle that becomes sticky when combined with water, Way reports.

Aspens, Maples, and Oaks are examples of highly acidic trees, corroding car paint’s clear coating, and top layers of separate components like plastics, glass, and rubber. 

Checking your vehicle’s exterior daily for leaves and increasing washing efforts throughout autumn will help you avoid these pesky stains. 

However, you’ll want to remove dried leaves from your vehicle by hand, one by one, since brooms and leaf blowers are more likely to damage car paint.

Drivers who can’t park their vehicle in an enclosed area like a garage can benefit from purchasing a car cover.

You can double down on your car’s body protection by waxing your vehicle during the autumn.

Dried leaves are more likely to slide off a car’s waxed exterior.

A wax coat additionally provides a smoother, protective layer shielding your vehicle’s paint from scratches that moving leaves can incur.

A worst-case scenario of a driver postponing leaf removal would consist of dried leaves printing a silhouette of their shape on your car’s outside.

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