Driver blocking drive causes Canadian resident to deliver unique justice

Itโ€™s only natural for drivers can get frustrated when they see that a neighbour has blocked their vehicle on their driveway.

However, one unnamed resident of Langford, Canada, clearly wanted to make sure the unruly motorist had learnt their lesson.

Footage, filmed by a construction worker operating across the road, shows the homeowner attaching the unruly parkerโ€™s blue Honda Civic to the back of his silver pickup truck.

The resident then got into his truck and towed the car away, although it is unclear whereabouts it was left.

However, whilst the video has gone viral, being viewed tens of thousands of times, it has left many wondering whether it was the right action to take.

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In Langford it is illegal for motorists to block part of a driveway when parking, with those that break this rule facing fines.

Nevertheless, the resident who towed the car without permission may have also broken the law for potentially damaging the vehicle, which still had its handbrake applied during its journey.

While there is no fixed punishment for vandalising property, the homeowner could have caused thousands of pounds of damage to the vehicle.

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So although it may feel incredibly satisfying for a driver to take matters into their own hands when dealing with an unruly parker, experts recommend trying to stay calm.

If the vehicle is owned by a neighbour, many suggest that the homeowner should try to politely talk to them about the incident and ask them to move the car.

However, if that does not work, motorists should call the police, who could arrange for a tow truck to remove it.

Commenting on the video, viewers sympathised with the resident and applauded his method for discouraging others from blocking him in.

One viewer wrote: โ€œA job well done sir! This should be a lesson to those who wish to engage in inconsiderate behaviour!โ€

Another added: โ€œI used to live a half mile from an NFL stadium. Once or twice per season a game-goer would block my driveway because they were too cheap to pay the $12 parking at the stadium. That cheapness would end up costing them a $190 tow fee.โ€

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