Deal of the Day: A big hunk of DS 7 premium SUV for just £240 a month

The DS 7 is a lot of car for £240 a month and that’s enough to earn it Deal of the Day status for November 28

  • High-spec, high class mid-size SUV
  • Less than £240 a month
  • Dodge that DS 7 depreciation

DS is the Stellantis group’s premium offering, positioned to challenge the likes of BMW and Mercedes without quite holding the same badge appeal for UK buyers. That’s not to say it should be ignored by the canny car customer, though, especially when you can lease a family-size DS 7 SUV for 2 years at under £240 a month.

This deal, our pick of the market for November 28 2023, jumped out at us from the pages of the Leaseloco website. It amounts to a two-year lease requiring an initial payment of £2,870 followed by 24 monthly payments of £239. The mileage limit is 5,000 per year, which will be enough for many, but if you bump that up to 8,000 miles the monthly cost increases to £276.

The beauty of leasing a DS 7 is that you neatly sidestep the car’s major drawback – depreciation. It only hangs on to around 45% of its value over 3-years and 36,000 miles while equivalent BMW, Audi or Mercedes mid-size SUVs tend to retain well over 50%. With a lease, that’s someone else’s problem as you hand the keys back and walk away once the deal is over.

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This particular offer is on the DS 7 with the base 1.5-litre BlueHDi diesel engine and the Performance Line+ trim, which is one step off the bottom of the trim hierarchy. The diesel actually makes a lot of sense with the DS 7’s E-Tense plug-in hybrid variants adding significantly to the asking price. Performance from the 128bhp motor is nothing special at 10.7s for the 0-60mph sprint but the official 46mpg economy figure is a realistic possibility.

The thing that will probably draw buyers to the DS 7 more than any other is the premium feel in the cabin. DS tries to inject more than a little French flair into its products and the SUV feels both classy and suitably different from the Germanic alternatives inside.

You get a bumper haul of kit as well; reversing camera, parking sensors, electric and heated seats, heated front and rear windscreens, a 12-inch touchscreen infotainment system, Alcantara trim and the usual plethora of intricate DS design details including the BRM clock in the middle of the dash. The cars are in stock now so there should be minimal waiting time and we think this deal is well worth a look at this price. 

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