David Brown Automotive Mini eMastered: a little electric Mini with a huge price tag

The Mini eMastered is the first time David Brown Automotive has launched an EV, but it comes with a hefty list price

In the past few weeks we’ve seen MINI launch an all-new, all-electric Cooper, but now it's the turn of renowned coachbuilder David Brown Automotive to try its hand at creating an electric Mini – culminating in the Mini eMastered. 

As you can see, it’s based on the original Mini shape but with a 18.8kWh battery, a slew of luxurious touches and some modern creature comforts. At £125,000 (excluding VAT) the eMastered is even more expensive than the £98,000 Mini Remastered Oselli Edition from 2021. 

The rather dinky battery means weight has been kept low at 640kg – the same as the original. With a 98bhp electric motor and 175Nm of torque, the eMastered sprints from 0 to 62mph in 8.5 seconds (just 0.7 seconds off the 123bhp Oselli) and runs on to a top speed of 92mph. There’s a WLTP-certified maximum range of 110 miles and a recharging speed of up to 6.6kW. 

Like the Oselli, the eMastered gets LED headlights and bespoke alloy wheels, but the exterior takes on a much more subtle look, although it pays tribute to the Cooper’s flared wheel arches. 

The interior features new leather seats with ‘David Brown’ embroidered. There are also bespoke pedals and on the dash a suite of knurled switchgear, plus an infotainment touchscreen with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto connectivity. The instrument cluster has moved behind the steering wheel to make room for the revised dash. 

David Brown Automotive says “each Mini eMastered can be tailored to the unique preferences of its discerning owner, ensuring a truly personalised and exclusive driving experience”, so expect no two Mini eMastered creations to look the same. 

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