Cruise Around Town In Style With ChillFab’s New Chiller E-Bike

Electric bikes are reshaping the way people get around all over the world, and have proven to be so much more than just a good old bicycle with a motor strapped onto it. That being said, it’s understandable that e-bikes are going in their own direction, so to speak, when it comes to styling, design, and configuration.

Take, for example, the Chiller from Belgrade-based company ChillFab. Now, ChillFab isn’t exactly an e-bike manufacturer, but rather, a subsidiary of Butcher Garage, a custom bike builder. Naturally, the Chiller is a custom-made electric bicycle with quite a lot of attention to detail.

Each and every Chiller is made by hand, and as such, is in one way or another, unique. The frame is crafted out of 6061 aluminum, promising not just a lightweight build, but also the perfect balance between flexibility and rigidity. After all, this bike’s intended to traverse the urban landscape, but that doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be capable of covering gravel trails and uneven cobblestones.

It also gets a stainless steel cantilever-style front suspension to take the edge off uneven terrain. Another interesting design element is the saddle. It’s unlike a traditional bike saddle, instead drawing inspiration from the motorcycle world, giving the rider a lot of space to move around and get comfy.

At the heart of any e-bike is its motor, and in the case of ChillFab’s Chiller, it’s quite a potent one. Shimano’s EP6 mid-drive motor provides 85 Nm of torque, allowing riders to cover steep inclines. The battery is a rather sizable 504-watt-hour unit housed in the downtube of the frame. In Eco mode, it’s said to provide up to 70 kilometers (44 miles) of range on a single charge. Complementing the respectable powertrain is Shimano’s Nexus internally geared hub with five gears. It offers riders automatic shifting, providing a seamless pedaling experience alongside the motor. As for the brakes, they’re hydraulic discs also from Shimano.

Given the handcrafted nature of the Chiller, it’s understandable that this bike commands quite a premium. It’s set to be made available from spring 2024, and carries a price tag of 4,700 euros, or about $5,128 USD. It’s worth noting that this price doesn’t include mudguards, lights, and a luggage rack, and fitting these accessories will require you to shell out a little extra.

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