Common driving habit can cause ‘serious trouble’ and result in £100 fines

The vehicle retail company Vertu Motors has listed the most annoying habits that drivers face on the roads. In a study of 2,000 drivers, the company found that 47 percent of motorists say that tailgating is the worst problem that they regularly experience.

A spokesperson for Vertu Motors explained that following a vehicle too closely can put a driver’s life at risk and could see them face a hefty fine.

They said: “Tailgating is not only frustrating to other drivers on the road but could also land you in serious trouble as it is classed as careless driving, an offense that could result in a £100 fine or three points on your license.

“With tailgating being the most annoying driving habit – and one of the most common too – it’s essential that motorists understand how much distance they should leave between vehicles.”

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According to the Highway Code, motorists should always leave a gap of at least two seconds behind the vehicle in front.

Whilst this helps other road users feel less intimidated, a two second gap gives drivers more time to react to emergency situations, such as emergency stops.

However, when driving in adverse weather conditions such as heavy rain or ice, this gap should be doubled to give a safer stopping distance.

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Additionally, a study by National Highways found that one in eight collisions on the UK roads are caused by tailgating.

The organisation also noted that 87 percent of drivers have previously witnessed tailgating, whilst 46 percent felt scared whilst experiencing it themselves.

Drivers who are being tailgated by another driver are advised to keep travelling at a steady and safe speed and allow the other road user to overtake in a safe space.

The spokesperson explained that, in order to stay safe on the roads, all drivers should regularly brush up on their knowledge of the Highway Code.

They continued: “Bad habits can develop over time when it comes to driving, that is why we always recommend to keep refreshing your knowledge of what is best practice and common courtesy on the roads.

“Adhering to the Highway Code is mandatory for road safety and will help drivers be more considerate on the roads.”

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