Common car lever habit could cost motorists up to £500 in costly blow

Petrol and diesel owners have been told that a simple car mistake could lead to costly repair bills this Autumn.

According to experts, simply resting hands on a vehicle’s gear stick could dramatically backfire and wear out key parts.

The specialists warn that leaving a hand on the lever can put pressure onto the sector fork which will speed up wear.

A spokesman for LeaseCar.UK said: “This habit is easy to get into, especially when feeling lazy on a long drive of gear-changing, but it will cause unnecessary damage to a car’s transmission.

“By placing their hand on the gear stick with any force, drivers risk forcing the selector fork against the rotating collar, causing wear or even a snap, which can cause expensive transmission trouble and general wear in the gearbox.”

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The RAC has previously issued a similar warning as they urged road users to ditch previous habits to save money.

They explained: “It’s tempting to rest your hand on your gearstick between gear changes, but this applies pressure to the selector fork and other internal parts. The added friction speeds up wear and tear on the gear box.

“Try to get into the habit of moving your hand onto the steering wheel and resting your left foot elsewhere in the footwell instead.”

The GearBox Specialists, a vehicle technician form based in Bournemouth also warns the apparent harmless move can “destroy” a gearbox.

They commented: “While your gear stick may seem like a comfy arm wrest, regularly leaning on it can cause damage to your gearbox.

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“Every time you lean on your gear stick, you are applying pressure and engaging the selector fork.”

Repairing a damaged gearbox is a complicated issue which can set drivers back hundreds of pounds.

According to BookMyGarage, the average gearbox repair will set drivers back between £200 and £500.

But drivers may pay more with WhoCanFixMyCar claiming the average price is around £540.

However, gearboxes which cannot be fixed will need replacing which is where bulls can start to rise.

Replacing a broken transmission is likely to set owners back over £1,000 in a major bill ahead of winter.

Tim Alcock at LeaseCar added: “Many drivers aren’t aware how damaging certain habits can be to their vehicles.

“Often, people who have been on the roads for years can get lazy and adopt habits and driving styles which can be detrimental to a vehicle and could cost thousands to fix.”

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