Carwiz Sees Triple-Digit Growth at Five-Year Mark

The Carwiz executive team of (L to R): Borana Banushi, CCO; Krešimir Dobrilovic, CEO; and Vladimir Banovic, COO.

Photo: Carwiz

Carwiz International recently marked its anniversary as a franchise, celebrating a journey that started in Zagreb, Croatia, and evolved into a fast-growing rent-a-car franchise on a global scale.

With 300 locations across 35 countries, Carwiz has established itself as a reliable provider for its clients and partners.

Five years ago, Carwiz International launched as a local rent-a-car brand in Zagreb. The vision was clear: to offer exceptional service and create unique customer experiences.

Krešimir Dobrilović, Carwiz's CEO, brought to the company his experience from three successful car rental startups where he played a pivotal role, and this wealth of knowledge became the driving force behind the company's success.

Carwiz's emphasis on tailor-made solutions, from brand identity to IT innovations, resulted in Carwiz signed up a record 20 franchises in just one year. That benchmark was previously reserved only for the top four players in the industry.

As proven by independent research, the power of franchising can't be understated. More than 80% of companies that begin their journey as a franchise manage to survive and thrive in their first five years in the market. In contrast, young companies that lack the support of a franchise, typically less than 20%, make it past the same critical period. This stark contrast underscores why Carwiz International has become an attractive prospect for entrepreneurs and has brought success for companies from mature markets like the US to booming markets in development.

The company reports that booking numbers have tripled to quadrupled compared to the previous year. Carwiz projects an income increase of 95% to 100% this year, with profit margins predicted to be 10-fold higher.

"We're grateful to our clients, partners, and team for the incredible accomplishments of the past five years,” said CEO Krešimir Dobrilović in an Oct. 4 news release. “Our commitment to creating memorable experiences and excellence will drive Carwiz forward. From a local brand to a global franchise, we remain dedicated to quality, innovation, and success. As we celebrate this milestone, we look ahead with excitement, confident that the best is yet to come.”

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